Control‘ is a movie set in the 1970s based on Ian Curtis from ‘Joy Division‘. Now if you’ve never listened to Joy Division, it’s a must. They played awesome English rock/post-punk music. I also recommend the movie. It gives insight into the tortured soul of Ian Curtis, the man with the beautiful lyrics. I am also drawn to anything set in that time. I love the style of the movie. It is so beautifully made. Here are some photos, first of the movie, and then of the real band.


Ian Curtis played by Sam Riley


‘the band’


Debbie Curtis played by Samantha Morton


So this is permanence; love-shattered pride. What once was innocence, has turned on its side.”


Ian’s love affair, Annik Honore, played by Alexandra Maria Lara


“I wish I were a Warhol silk screen hanging on the wall. Or little Joe or maybe Lou. I’d love to be them all. All New York’s broken hearts and secrets would be mine. I’d put you on a movie reel, and that would be just fine.”


“Side effects include: drowsiness, apathy, and blurred vision… I’m taking two.”

Joy Division

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