One of my favorite styles of the past is the flapper girl style. Not only the style, but the attitude. It fascinates me that the young women of the 20s changed everything for generations to come. I feel that they, in many ways, created the modern woman.

In a time when women wore their hair long and loose, they cut their hair short and popularized the bob.

In a time when women wore corsets and long skirts and dresses, they said goodbye to the corset and raised their hem lines.

In a time when the Victorian image of womanhood was prominent, they flattened their breasts and lowered their waistlines, creating a boyish look.

In a time when women didn’t wear makeup, they wore rouge, powder, eye-liner, and lipstick.

In a time when courtship was the norm, they reinvented dating.

In a time when women were supposed to be modest, they flaunted their sexuality.

In a time when alcohol was prohibited, they drank.

In a time when only men smoked cigarettes, they smoked cigarettes.

In a time when fast-paced dancing was unheard of, they created the Charleston and the Shimmy.

What brave and beautiful young women they were. As a woman of 2012, I’d like to send the lovely and intriguing flapper girls my sincerest thank you for sticking it to the man!

x o

Tickle Me VTG